ASIANUSA singkatan dari ASOSIASI INDUSTRI AUTOMOTIF NUSANTARA dimana anggotanya terdiri dari produsen 'Micro Car' dan Mesin Penggerak di seluruh Indonesia.

National Cars to be Produced this July

Thursday, 26 May, 2011 | 14:45 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:National car producers are ready to produce passenger cars as of this July. “We will produce 50 units for each segment,” Dewa Yuniardi, head of communications at the Automotive Nusantara Industry Association (Asia Nusa), said in Jakarta yesterday.

The two cars produced, the Metro Tawon and Gea, will be sold for Rp50 million. Dewa assured that all components used would be locally made. “Except for the engine, which is from China,” he said. Asia Nusa also plans to design a business car called the Komodo. “We sold 50 units last year,” he said.

The Tawon model is being targeted at the fire brigade as it will be suitable for roads in remote areas. “The target is one car in one sub district,” he said. The maximum capacity for all the segments is 600 units.

Supriyanto, the Industry Ministry’s land transportation equipment industry director, said Indonesia should start designing cars within the next five to 10 years. “So far, cars are designed in other countries but are assembled in Indonesia,” he said.

Supriyanto said that in order to encourage design development, especially in the automotive industry, the government would provide incentives. “This will include incentives to develop human resources as well as research and technology,” he said.

Early last May, deputy Coordinating Minister for the Economy in charge of industry and trade, Edy Putra Irawady, said Indonesia targeted the production of 1,000 cheap cars by 2012. These cars include cluster IV and low cost vehicles. The production will be handled by PT INKA or through a joint venture.


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